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Growth Hack LinkedIn To Generate New Leads

Keeping up with our growth hacking theme – today we’ll be going over how to growth hack LinkedIn to generate leads at a much faster rate. These tips work especially well if you’re active on LinkedIn and have a strong connections list. If not, add influencers and potential customers in your target markets. Build a list of connections (it’s fast) and you’re really building a list of potential leads to target your marketing to.

  1. Every single time you publish an article on LinkedIn, every single one of your connections is notified. Think of how long it takes to build a subscriber list on your blog or website – it takes a while. However, if you’ve been active on LinkedIn over the years, you already have a subscriber base! Log on to LinkedIn, write a compelling post about your service or product and publish it. Instantly, every single one of your connections gets a notification that you’ve published a post and displays the name of your post. Write compelling content with strong headlines and you’ll have thousands of readers, ready to convert.
  1. Have you implemented retargeted marketing on your website? If not, read our growth hacking tip on how to do it (thank us later). It takes a lot of time to drive traffic to your website, building up a custom audience to retarget across the Internet. However, you could instantly build up the audience with just a few clicks, thanks to your huge LinkedIn connections list. Log in to LinkedIn and click connections. From here, click the setting bar on the right side of the page. On the right side of the page, click “Export LinkedIn Connections.” Boom, you have names, phone numbers, and emails to all of your connections. Upload this list into your retargeting software and these highly-intentioned connections will start seeing your ads and promoted content.
  1. That list you downloaded from tip #2 comes in handy yet again! We’ve already taught you how to growth hack your Twitter account. We’re currently helping you growth hack LinkedIn to generate leads. Now we’re going to use our LinkedIn information to build up your Facebook business page fan base. Go to your Facebook business page and click the three dots next to the share button at the top of the page. Once in this menu, click ‘suggest a page.’ Here, you can upload the data downloaded from LinkedIn to suggest that your LinkedIn connections like your Facebook business page.

Use these tips, growth hack LinkedIn, generate leads, come back for more tips and tricks of the trade.

Adam Greenbaum


Adam Greenbaum is an award-winning digital marketer with experience ranging from a boutique advertising agency to a national travel agency, and everything in between. Most digital marketers pride themselves on specializing in one particular aspect of marketing – social media, web design, analytics, email marketing, search engine marketing – Adam specializes in all of it. Most startups and small businesses don’t have the bandwidth or budget to hire an entire marketing department, Greenbaum Digital offers our inclusive services at a fraction of the cost.


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